RDFohloh is a RDFizer for Ohloh. It provides Linked Data from Ohloh. Using content negotiation, the RDF data can be founded serialized in XHTML+RDFa, RDF/XML and N3, and interlinked with DBpedia concepts and DOAPspace projects .

This project is free software, licensed under GPLv3, and it can be downloaded from Google Code. It has been developed by Sergio Fernández . The service is provided without any warranty and subject to the terms of Ohloh's API.

URIs schema

RDFohloh generates URIs in this form: http://rdfohloh.wikier.org/ENTITY/ID, replacing ENTITY for the name of the entity in singular and ID for entity's ID in Ohloh. Mainly in Ohloh there are two kind of entities (projects and users), so RDFohloh generates two kind of RDF instances:

http://rdfohloh.wikier.org/project/ID (example), where ID is the numerical ID of the project in Ohloh. But if the project also has a URL name in Ohloh (it's not mandatory), ID could also be that name (example); in that cases owl:sameAs asserts are automatically generated.
http://rdfohloh.wikier.org/user/ID (example), where ID is the numerical ID of the user in Ohloh.

For each URI, using content negotiation, it's generated three representations of RDF of the entity following the next schema:

http://rdfohloh.wikier.org/ENTITY/ID.html (example)
http://rdfohloh.wikier.org/ENTITY/ID.rdf (example)
RDF in N3
http://rdfohloh.wikier.org/ENTITY/ID.n3 (example)

Libraries used

The project is written in PHP, and it uses some third part free software libraries:

If you need more information about this service, you can also read this post.